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Martial Arts- Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu, Aikido & Firearms Safety Training


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Your personal self-defense training begins with a one-to-one consultation to determine your specific needs, goals, experience, and interests.  You or your loved one is then matched with one of our programs that suits the unique attributes of your situation. Our self defense programs are divided into three categories, Adult Martial Arts, Child/Junior Martial Arts, and Firearm Safety and Training.  We are unique in that we provide a complete approach to the realm of self defense by offering both martial arts and firearm safety and training courses.

In every course we offer, you are treated as family.  Your complete satisfaction is our priority.

Featured Programs

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Adult Martial Arts

Leominster Martial Arts offers three unique styles of martial arts for the adult population:  Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu, Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Jutsu/Aikido, and Kumiuchi Ryu Tai Jutsu.  Each discipline has a unique curriculum and belt ranking system for students to master.  For those committed to take what they have learned  and share it with the public, there are opportunites to join the active demo team.  Adult classes are for ages 12 & up.

Child/Family Martial Arts

Leominster Martial arts classes for youth and family are divided into age groupings.  Successful Samurai’s are the youngest, age 5-7, then Junior, age 7-12, then Family (open) would follow.  Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu is offered for all ages.  Kumiuchi Ryu, and Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Aiki Jutsu/Akido are offered to youth on an invitation only basis due to the advanced concepts and level of maturity required to be successful and proficient.  Our Family open classes offer a wonderful opportunity for all ages to work together and learn and support one another at each stage of growth.

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Firearms Training

Leominster Firearms Training offers a dozen different firearms training courses for every skill level.  Many of the courses satisfy the requirements for firearms licensing in the state of Massachusetts.  These courses are very popular and are often wait-listed.   We offer both shooting and non-shooting courses as well as basic to advanced pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  We work with many local organizations to provide seminars such as to scouting troops to help our youth earn merit badges in firearm safety and other firearm topics . Our approach also covers other topics such as bullying, avoiding being a victim, and special topics geared especially for women or vulnerable populations.  

Weight Loss

We often get asked if participating in the martial arts can help with achieving a weight loss goal.  The answer is…Yes!  There are many variables that contribute to weight gain, including stress, lack of exercise, diet, etc.  The good news is that taking part in an active martial arts self defense class, like those offered at our Dojo, is designed to help reduce and manage stress as well as get your body moving and burning calories through performing the martial arts defense routines- called katas.  These special exercises use all the different muscle groups to help you become physically fit and burn the calories needed to promote weight loss.  According to one popular weight loss calculator, “The average (150 lb) person burns 475-575 calories per hour at slower pace martial arts. Moderate pace martial arts will burn 750-900 calories per hour.” 


First, cardio is what allows a martial artist to have the stamina and strength to accomplish a self defense goal.  Without an emphasis on cardio, our Dojo would be dead in the water before it even started.  That’s why the hard work of repetition is built into every class- to get you sweating and working your heart to improve your cardio, so your body can perform at its optimal value- changing fat to muscle in its course.  Our Martial Arts Classes do promote heart health!  


Our Dojo understands the importance of strengthening both the mind -the concentration and environment awareness- and the body’ – in stances, kicks, blocks, and strikes. Tai Jutsu Martial arts is the perfect strength training activity.  Building each layer of muscle through these exercises sustains not only the look of the body, but how it ultimately performs in stressful situations. How a student carries himself–the stance– on and off the mat melds into other areas of life including work, sports, school, and socially.  Our Dojo’s self defense system also emphasizes strength in character and models the tenets of good citizenship.  No one can deny the great feeling that comes with having a physically fit body and the confidence that exudes from someone who is comfortable and strong in their own skin. 



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