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Leominster Martial Arts and Firearms training center is the premiere dojo providing clients Comprehensive expertise, education, Mentoring, and skill building in all aspects of self-defense.  

Our Dojo

Situated in the hub of Leominster, Massachusetts with generous, free, off-street parking, the climate controlled Leominster Self-Defense complex incorporates clean, safe, organized, comfortable spaces with plenty of gear to serve every student and program. There is a cozy waiting area, complete with seating, TV, and reading material.  Family members can observe classes through designated windows without disturbing their loved one’s program and progress. Students have access to sanitized mats, equipment, changing rooms, lavatories, and showers.  Our programs are not limited to our dojo, but are also held online and off-site for tests, demo team demonstrations, and for utilizing indoor and outdoor firing ranges, etc.     

“Finally, a Dojo Culture Where Everyone is Welcome and employs self-paced Programs that take self- defense seriously.”

Shodai Soke Rick LeClair offers an eye-opening personal testimony regarding the positive effects of martial arts on himself, his clients, and his community in this autobiographical video.

Leominster Martial Arts_Soke LeClair, Bobbi and Michael LeClair

Rick’s daughter Bobbi & youngest son Michael

Shodai Soke Rick LeClair, the proprietor of Leominster Martial Arts and Firearms Training, is an accomplished martial artist and Firearms instructor.  Soke LeClair is the founder of the Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu martial arts form, and he currently holds the following martial arts ranks:  

Tenth Degree Black Belt: Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu
Ninth Degree Black Belt: Kokon Ryu Kempo
Sixth Degree Black Belt: Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Aiki Jutsu
Fifth Degree Black Belt: (Honorary) Nelson Ryu
Fourth Degree Black Belt: American Kenpo Karate, Nick Cerios Kenpo
Third Degree Black Belt: Shaolin Kempo
Second Degree Black Belt: Kumiuchi Ryu Jiu Jutsu, Kokon Ryu Aiki Jutsu
First Degree Black Belt: Kokon Ryu Aikido, Tae Kwon Do Kukkiwon

In addition to his martial arts rankings, here are a few of his other notable accomplishments:

2017: Voted in as Treasurer of the Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League
2016: Appointed to Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League
2016: 32 Degree Scottish Rite Grand Lodge Boston Valley
2015: Presented: Massachusetts House of Representatives Citation for Service to the Community and its Children

2010: Master Mason Wilder Lodge Leominster Massachusetts

2000: Inducted: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Doctor of Martial Arts
1999: Inducted: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Head Founder of the Year

1999: Inducted: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Soke Dai of the Year
1998: Founded the Martial Arts System of Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu
1994: Inducted: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Master Instructor of the Year

Soke Rick LeClair in Shodai uniform 4

Shodai Soke Rick LeClair’s Certifications & Licenses

  • Licensed Social Worker State of MA
  • National Registered EMT-B
  • Amateur Radio (Holds “Extra” License status)
  • Amateur Radio License Examiner
  • Boating License
  • ATF Explosive License
  • American Heart Association BLS Instructor
  • Certified Scuba Diver
  • Military Associated Radio Service (Department of Defense)
  • Massachusetts State Police Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Worcester County Reserve Deputy Sheriff
  • Self Defense Instruction & Safety
  • Certified MSI MACE Instructor
  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
    * Home Firearm Safety *  Advanced Pistol *  Shotgun
    * Rifle * Personal Protection in the Home                              * Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Training Counselor
  • NRA Refuse to Be A Victim Regional Counselor
  • Hunter Education Instructor State of MA
Richard LeClair_son of Rick LecClair_Karate Uniform and Gloves

Richard LeClair- Rick LeClair’s oldest son

Soke Rick LeClair Demonstrating Martial Arts Technique

Popular Programs

Adult: Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu Martial Arts Classes (Ages 12 & up)

Junior: Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu Martial Arts Classes (Ages 7-12)

Child: Successful Samurai Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu Martial Arts Classes (Ages 5-7)

Adult: Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Aiki Jutsu/Aikido Martial Arts Classes (Ages 12 & up)

Adult: Kumiuchi Ryu Jiu Jutsu Classes (By Invitation Only)

Private 1/2 hour Lesson (Members only)

Firearms Training (Current Offerings)

Make a Change

Real People. Real Results.

The Leominster Martial Arts and Firearms Training Center’s dedicated team of martial arts and firearm professionals prepare individuals of all ages for real-life situations where the need for self-defense comes into play.  The curriculum is specifically engineered to build confidence, agility, and knowledge to provide the student with a firm foundation to protect the mind and body from outside attack as well as develop discipline and perseverance to achieve personal fitness goals. People of all ages and walks of life benefit from the study of martial arts and firearms safety.  

But, don’t just take our word for it.  Read some of the testimonials from present and past students below and then decide.  Come.  Your family is waiting.




Do you offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes?

Yes!  We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes in the Tai Jutsu system and in the Aiki system. In the Kumuchi Ryu system, we just offer advanced classes.  Students work through each level at their own pace, building on solid system foundations.   More in-depth information on each system may be found on our Programs page.  

Are martial arts classes safe?

Yes, martial arts classes are safe. You are under constant supervision of a qualified instructor.  Many of our instructors have one or more decades of experience in training others in the martial arts.  Safety protection gear is provided for sparring.  Male students must wear cups and supporters to each class.  Students are allowed only to spar under strict supervision within the dojo.  The entire dojo floor is thickly matted to protect students while performing rolls, throws, or ground work. Matts and other protective gear are disinfected regularly to assure a hygienic environment.  Additionally, interaction between students is closely monitored to assure an uplifting dialogue is present.  This is to promote and encourage the development of the student’s growth and development, physically and emotionally. 

*Covid 19:  Students may bring a mask or have a mask provided to them if needed to comply with any local or state ordinances.  


Can any age study the martial arts?

At our dojo, in some cases, we accept students as young as five years old. A private introductory class is held for each young student to determine their cognitive development and seriousness in being able to handle the rigors of martial arts study.  In the younger student, we look for the ability to listen and respect authority as cornerstones to success. On the other side of the spectrum, we have students as old as 75 who are very successful and active within their programs. We encourage students to consult with their medical professionals prior to starting any new, strenuous exercise program.  What more detailed information on each program that we offer?  Then please visit our Programs page for more info! 

What makes your self defense classes different?

Regarding our philosophy, at our dojo, we do not subscribe to the “every child gets a trophy just for showing up” mentality. We believe in delayed gratification to boost the growth of intrinsic learning- the student does the work and then achieves the reward.  This model sets them up for success in all ways of life- school, home, work, relationships, etc.   Regarding our system, we teach practical, realistic, street self-defense techniques, tactics, and concepts that apply to today’s world. We work with close quarter techniques and practical ground-fighting techniques to provide the student with many options to select from in their self-defense tool box.  Please also refer to our Blog Post, for an in depth look at our martial arts teaching models.

What kind of firearms training do you offer?

We believe that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is the gold standard for firearms training; therefore, all of our firearms training classes are NRA approved and certified. We offer over a dozen different firearms training topics including, those that satisfy the Massachusetts License to Carry and FID certification requirements as well as seminars on protecting vulnerable populations, bullying, and child firearm safety with the nationally acclaimed Eddie Eagle program.  Professor LeClair is also an NRA Training Counselor in all of the disciplines that are taught at our school.  Professor LeClair’s NRA Training Counselor designation allows him to certify other instructors in these disciplines.  Professor LeClair is also available for 1 on 1 training to help develop your firearm and self-defense skill sets.  Please visit our Programs page for more in-depth information on each firearms as well as martial arts program available at our dojo. 

How long does it take to move up the ranks?

At the Budo-Kai Martial Arts Institute, we have a four point ranking system: Time in grade, 2. Class counts, 3. Mastery of material, and 4. Attitude.  Ranking at our dojo is not a race, it is all about personal development, applying self- gratification, applying self- discipline and patience, and applying effort.  Because each student develops at an individual pace, the achievement of rank varies.  Students diligently applying the aforementioned formula could potentially achieve the rank of a first degree black belt within a 5-year time period. With the new ZenPlanner system that our dojo has instituted, students will be able to have access to course curriculum study aids within the ZenPlanner member app system on a mobile device or tablet.  We are very excited about the introduction of this new martial arts resource for our students!

Will i have to take a test to achieve a new rank?

Yes, students at our dojo that earn the next solid color of belt rank are required to demonstrate proficiency of skills in an observed testing environment. In addition, students must submit a written essay of an assigned topic. A testing board is assembled by Soke LeClair and may consist of selected instructors, both inside and outside of our dojo. 

Do you offer online classes, so I can study from home Or on the go?

We offer online courses through the Zoom platform.  Classes may be taken through Zoom along with in dojo classes.  Zoom classes do count toward time in rank; however, students cannot only attend Zoom classes to achieve rank.  Although, Zoom classes are a wonderful addition to the program, there are limitations.  One includes, “feeling” the off-balancing of an opponent, identifying landmarks on the human body for the application of pressure points or nerve centers, etc.  It is highly recommended that the student have a partner to participate with them in the Zoom training session.  To ensure mastery of the material, students must attend a minimum of 1 core class in the dojo each week, which is half of the course commitment for a serious student.  

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer several affordable options for paying tuition. Students may pay by cash, check, or charge.  Students may choose to pay for their program weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annually.  We are excited to offer ZenPlanner to our clients to streamline the payment process and provide instant access to their accounts through a mobile app or desktop website. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

We guarantee self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-confidence when students apply themselves to the principals of what we teach:  Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Character, Self-control, Humility, Benevolence, Honor, Loyalty, Veracity, Justice, Courage, and Respect. As with any goal in life, you will get out of the martial arts as much as you put into it.





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