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Welcome to our Dojo photo gallery!  We take pride in our students, instructors, and mentors and their accomplishments as they work toward their personal self-defense goals.  Each photo below represents a valued member of our martial arts and firearms self-defense family who is striving to reach new heights physically, mentally, and socially.  Kudos to them! It is an honor to serve them and you!

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 Child Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu

Successful Samarai Ages 5-7

Rolling Admission

2 Classes per week minimum

The Kindai Inazuma Ryu Tai Jutsu program is our core martial arts system.  Students in the Child program are taught the core concepts of Self-control, Effort, Benevolence, Veracity, Character, Sincerity, Honor, Loyalty, Justice, and Courage.   Child students will be exposed to different stretching and cardio exercises that will increase their flexibility and muscle tone and help them stay fit, burn energy, and learn self-control.  Students working through the child program learn effective ways to to listen and follow directions, and positively cope with stressors from ADD/ADHD and bullying. In these classes, we focus on the application of the core concepts in conjunction with practical self-defense, for street situations in today’s world, primarily focusing on close quarter combat.  We utilize off-balancing, punches, kicks, throws, and ground fighting techniques. Students will also be introduced to the history and philosophy of the martial arts.

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Leominster Martial Arts_aikido group on mat sitting

Adult Martial Arts Aikido

Rolling Admission

2 Classes per week minimum

The Aikido martial arts system is on the other side of the spectrum as it relates to the Tai Jutsu system.  It is a more passive martial art.  Aikido is primarily the art of  redirecting an opponent’s energy, be it cognitive or physical.  Due to its off-balancing techniques, the practitioner learns how to fall correctly without sustaining injury.  Aikido emphasizes learning how to receive a throw because a majority of the aikido techniques have throws contained in them.  There are elements in this system to reduce the fear of falling that uniquely builds confidence.  If an assailant were to attack an Aikido practitioner, the Aikido student would move off to the side to avoid getting struck, redirect the assailant’s energy to ward off the attack, get the assailant into a lock technique, and either choose to immobilize the assailant, without harm or the student could utilize a throw technique to project the assailant away.  The student studying Aikido will also study the history and philosophy of this system. 

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Leominster Firearms Training Outdoor Range Female Student

 NRA MA Home Firearms Safety LTC/FID Licensing Training Course


This popular course satisfies the Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC) Permit Training requirements.  Because of the high demand, seats fill up fast.  Secure your spot in the next available class today!

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