We are excited to reveal our new website that combines Budo Kai Martial Arts Institute with Leominster Firearms Training into one comprehensive Self-Defense Training Resource!  We have created this new website in response to our clients’ requests for a streamlined learning experience.  We formulated a team of professionals to help us build our new online presence.  Our new website provides our students and future family members a one-stop-shop experience to help them attain the information they need to meet their self-defense goals quickly and efficiently. Among the exciting features of our Online Dojo makeover is our new partnership with ZenPlanner.  Our team reviewed over 14 programs before deciding on ZenPlanner.  It had the most user-friendly platform, best ratings for software in its class, and had enough bells and whistles to allow our dojo to grow further! We were also impressed that this software is used by some of the top Dojo’s in the country!  This new software system is designed to streamline our enrollment, attendance, student records, tuition processing, and curriculum dissemination and elevate our business standards to work with emerging technologies.  Students will now be able to access their accounts via a smart phone, tablet, or PC.  The mobile app for Zen Planner will allow students to sign up for classes and events, check the calendar, pay tuition,  access curriculum, documents, and videos and study their material on the go.  This software upgrade will also allow me to spend more time focusing on Your progress instead of paperwork!

Our new theme for our website is the mantra:  Confident– Alert– Prepared.  We believe that these attributes build strong martial artists who know their strengths and weaknesses, are always striving to improve, are watchful of their environment, and are mentally and physically prepared for whatever circumstances that they find themselves in– good or bad.  We have also tried to make the year 2020- despite all of social unrest and dangers of Covid 19, productive and innovative to set a good example to our family of members.

Our new website has a wealth of information about our Dojo, programs, and events.  There is also a page where anyone can shop for martial arts gear shipped directly to them or a loved one from Century. We will be continuing to offer more items in a separate online store for items to be picked up at the Dojo.  Other webpages on our site that we are particularly proud of is our new Gallery and Instructor pages that have a host of images of our past and present faculty and classes.  Our new blog will be a place where you can find some interesting information about martial arts.  We would like to encourage you to take some time to look around at all we have to offer! If you have any comments or suggestions, we want to hear from you!  Please take this opportunity to share our makeover on social media and give us a Like on Facebook!

We are ecstatic about our future together!


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