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Leominster Martial Arts Rick LeClair and Felicia
Rick LeClair and Student

Photos of Shodai Soke Rick LeClair and his wife, Felicia LeClair. Courtesy of Worcester Telegram & Gazette article covering the foster care services that the couple provides to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Article



At Leominster Martial Arts, we see our patrons as “Diamonds in the Rough” and seek to uplift and nurture them, to shape these unique individuals into the best possible version of themselves.  Throughout this process, we witness growth in character and confidence that creates an alertness, which prepares them to overcome any obstacle.

Budo Kai Martial Arts Inc. has been in business since 1979. We offer practical, no-nonsense Self-Defense Martial Arts and Firearms training. Soke Rick LeClair is a fully insured, NRA Training Counselor and MA State Police
Certified Instructor since 1990. He is also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Gun Owners Action League (G.O.A.L).  A professional educator and counselor, Rick currently has 27 credits toward a Master’s degree program with a concentration in psychology, counseling, and education.  Rick is also a Licensed Social Worker in the State of MA and a nationally registered EMT in MA.  Rick is currently advancing to the level of paramedic.  

Our unique Martial Arts programs suit a variety of ages, ability, and interests.  Each program works cohesively with the teaching of our Core Values:  Responsibility, Respect, Discipline, Dedication, Effort, Etiquette, Scholastic Achievement, and Professional Advancement.

We offer NRA courses in the following disciplines: Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Rifle, and Shotgun to individuals and to small groups. Our courses are professionally taught and women friendly. We also conduct “Refuse To Be A Victim Programs” (these programs are 4 hours in length and DO NOT utilize firearms). We encourage confidence and underscore firearm safety to those who want to apply for an FID or LTC in MA.

In this short clip, Rick’s students offer testimonies about the mission of their dojo and highlights the accomplishments of one of the members who exemplifies it.

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Our Martial Arts programs help individuals of any age become physically fit. Each component of our program works different groups of muscles to give anyone a well-rounded workout and provides the mind and body a respite from the demands of a technologically rich home life.

Leominster Martial Arts_white gi_black belt Kumi


With electronics vying for everyone’s attention, it is difficult not to succumb to a sedentary lifestyle.  Each of our self-defense programs work on increasing your mobility and flexibility, stretching and toning each group of muscles until it functions like a well-oiled machine, working in harmony with its environment.

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Strength training

We incorporate strength training within each martial arts module that not only develops the body but also the mind. Strength not only comes from a fit and tone body, but also from a mind that is prepared to handle any situation the body encounters.  Stamina and strength of spirit walk hand-in-hand.  


The Dojo


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Every square inch of the Dojo is maximized for learning techniques and drills to hone your self-defense skills in a dynamic atmosphere that encourages, challenges, and motivates you to be your best regardless of your  initial skill-level.

Situated in the hub of Leominster, Massachusetts with generous, free, off-street parking, the climate controlled Leominster Self-Defense complex incorporates clean, safe, organized, comfortable spaces with plenty of gear to serve every student and program. There is a cozy waiting area, complete with seating, TV, and reading material.  Family members can observe classes through closed circuit television without disturbing their loved one’s program and progress. Students have access to sanitized mats, equipment, changing rooms, lavatories, and showers.  Our programs are not limited to our dojo, but are also held online and off-site for tests, demo team demonstrations, and for utilizing indoor and outdoor firing ranges, etc. 

 Rick   LeClair

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Martial Arts & Firearms Trainer

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